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Health Insurance

“I can’t quit my job to start my own business — I’d lose my health insurance!” Have you ever heard this? Ever said it yourself? It’s a lament echoed by many SCORE clients, ... Read more

Employee Cost

SCORE is often asked to help employers determine the cost of hiring and retaining employees beyond the price of their wages. Many agencies and publications are involved in ... Read more

Display Posters

Poster Subject/Title Contact Your Rights Under the Fair Labor Standards Act NOTICE: Employee Polygraph Protections Act Your Rights Under the Family and Medical Leave Act of 1993 U... Read more

Surety Bonds? What are they?

Believe it or not, surety bond contracts have been used to guarantee work performance for thousands of years, and various government agencies in Tennessee have used surety bonds... Read more


Most of the following information was taken from the Tennessee Department of Labor and Workforce Development Web site:  Contact... Read more

Insurance Types

Risk is the chance that loss will occur. As a business owner, you can handle risk in several ways. You can: retain the risk. This means that you will pay for any loss or damage... Read more

Home Business Insurance

INSURANCE FOR THOSE OPERATING BUSINESSES OUT OF THEIR HOMES General Most home-based business owners do not realize that their business property and activities aren’t completely... Read more


There are ways for the small, small non-profit to operate in harmony with the IRS without the long application process and fees. Since the passage of the Pension Protection Act of... Read more


To Begin: There are many aspects of fundraising for nonprofits to consider, and grant writing should be only one of many streams of income for an organization’s fundraising plan... Read more


Here is an exceptional marketing opportunity to tell your non-profit’s story to a vast number of individuals including potential new supporters, volunteers and donors. Go to http... Read more

How to Build an Emergency Fund

Emergency savings can help your business survive unexpected crises. John Howie, a SCORE mentor from our Southern New Jersey Chapter walks you through the steps you should take to... Read more


The Changing State of the Office

June 15, 2021,

As the country reopens, it's important to bring employees safely back to the workplace. Keep these things in mind as your employees come back to work in person.