March 8, 2016 by Chuck Christiansen

An Office is an important asset for every kind of business. Many companies cannot do business without an office location. Owners need to keep their office clean, so they search for an office cleaning Service Company. Most people don’t have any idea about the office cleaning prices and services offered so let us help. Usually the cost depends on the size of the office, how dirty the office is, services requested and how many hours it will take to clean it. Sometimes recognizable cleaning companies will charge more than the normal office cleaning company but that may not be the best choice. We will give you an idea about office cleaning prices and what questions to ask.

Size of Office
The Primary factor for the price of office cleaning mostly depends on the size of the office. In general, large offices cost more because a lot of times, cleaning products and equipment are needed to clean the large space. Let’s get an idea about the office cleaning prices. Normally $30 to $50 per hour is the charge for a small office (less than 1200 to 2000 square feet). This service package will include emptying the trash, dusting and vacuuming. The office cleaning prices will increase if there are additional services. The price will increase to $55 to $75 per hour if the package includes bathrooms’ restocking paper products, sweeping floors and cleaning toilets. For large offices (2100 square feet and larger) the charge may be given per square foot. At lowest the charge begins from $0.50 per square foot. Additional services like sweeping, scrubbing, waxing floors, cleaning kitchens, cleaning windows and more detailed vacuuming will increase the price.

Time It Takes to Clean Office
The office cleaning prices also depends on the time it takes to clean it completely. If you call a professional office cleaning company to get cleaning service on your staff’s working time, the cost will increase. On office duty time, the office cleaning will fall on the staff’s work hours and the workers along with the cleaners will feel disturbed. On the other side, if you want the cleaning service after work hours, the office cleaning prices may be different.

How Dirty Is Your Office?
How dirty is your office? An office cleaning company will look at this first to tell you their charges (quote/estimate). If your office is low or medium in mess, the cost shouldn’t go too high. On the other hand, if the office is highly messy, then the cost will definitely go higher. The reason is that, to clean a very dirty office, cleaners have to use a lot of cleaning products and equipment which results in more time. That’s why the service cost can be higher or lower depending on some of those factors.

Office Cleaning Service Quality
Am I getting quality office cleaning? This is a common question for all companies. You will see that many office cleaning companies are very expensive; but their service is poor. They use low quality cleaning products and they are not detail oriented which will not leave a lasting impression in your office. Expensive companies are not always the best companies. So you should first check the feedback or reviews of the company before hiring one.

Regular Office Cleaning Service
Do you need office cleaning service regularly? It can affect office cleaning prices. If you hire a professional office cleaning company regularly, you may get a discount per visit as opposed to getting your office cleaned just once a week. In conclusion, the price charged is not always the reflection of the service you will get out of an office cleaning company. You should take note of the following points before hiring an office cleaning company.

1. Is it a professional office cleaning company?
2. Does the company have a good reputation and feedback/reviews from the market?
3. Do they offer Free site estimates/quotes and satisfaction guaranteed polices?
4. Are they using professionally written contracts to protect themselves and your company from liability?
5. Are they insured, licensed, bonded and a registered business entity with the secretary of state?
6. Are the cleaners responsive with expertise?
7. Does the company give any trial period? We should see their work first before taking on their service long term.