Most, if not all, Fortune 500 companies have a Board of Directors, which is a group of individuals with the authority to guide an organization’s affairs and make general policies. Members of the Board of Directors are selected for their expertise in areas such as marketing, finance, and manufacturing. They are able to look at the goals and challenges of the company from the point of view of someone who is not burdened with day-to-day operations — and they’re usually paid well for doing so.

“That’s great,” you say, “but how can my small organization get that type of support on our limited budget?” A SCORE counselor may be the answer. SCORE volunteers are willing to meet regularly to offer advice and direction to your organization. The word ‘volunteers’ is italicized to emphasize that this is a totally free service.

SCORE volunteers have an interest in seeing your organization succeed. Too often business owners come to SCORE for counseling when it is too late to keep the business from going bankrupt. This is disturbing to SCORE volunteers as their mission to keep business from failing. 

To keep your business successful, there are tremendous advantages in having an experienced management individual available to discuss expansion possibilities, how to market new products, financial matters and any other business management areas you need help with. The SCORE counselor advising you may not have all the answers, but he/she will know where to get them. Another important reason to utilize a SCORE advisor is that they provide an impartial outsider viewpoint.

What is involved?

  • One or more SCORE counselors will meet with the management of your company or organization on a regular interval (quarterly, every six months, annually –your choice).
  • On an ongoing basis, you supply the SCORE counselors with information about your organization — business plans, contracts with suppliers, employee benefit plans, marketing brochures, meeting minutes — anything that will help them to provide you with informed opinions and suggestions. (Note: e-mail is an easy, inexpensive way to keep in touch with your SCORE advisor(s).)

Why are SCORE volunteers a good choice as an adviser?

  • They want you to succeed.
  • They are experts with years of experience in many areas of business. (You can read the bios of the Greater Knoxville SCORE Chapter volunteers on our Web site:  
  • They keep up with what’s new in their field (they have to do that to couns~el the more than 1,300 clients our chapter serves every year).
  • As members of SCORE, they have sworn to be ethical, avoid conflicts of interest, and maintain the confidentiality of those they work with.
  • There is no charge.

If you have an interest in setting up an advisory relationship with a SCORE volunteer, call (865) 545-4203.