Export Assistance

East Tennessee International Commercial Council Telephone: (865) 974-6110

International Trade Center Telephone: (865) 632-2990

U. S. Department of Commerce - Knoxville Export Assistance Center Telephone: (865) 545-4637

E-mail: office.knoxville@mail.doc.gov Web site: www.usatrade.gov\knoxville

Internal Revenue Service

Will explain how federal taxes relate to your business. Provides many publications free of charge for the self-employed and small business owners. Located in the John Duncan Federal Building, 710 Locust Street, Knoxville.

Knoxville Job Service - Tennessee Department of Employment Security

If you list job openings with them, they will refer interested applicants to you for interview. Located at: 415 Walnut Street, Knoxville, 37901. Telephone: (865) 594-6934

Knoxville/Knox County Metropolitan Planning Commission

Provides information on topics including economic development, population, zoning regulations, community planning, transportation, area demographics and employment. Located in the City/County Building, 400 Main Street, Suite 403, Knoxville, 37902. Telephone: (865) 215-2500

Lawyer Referral Service

(See SCORE/SBDC page: Finding the Right Lawyer)

Provides help finding a lawyer for those who can afford legal services. For a nominal fee arranges an in-office visit or phone consultation with an attorney based on the nature of the problem. Telephone: (865) 522-7501

Tennessee Inventors Association

Provides information, guidance and encouragement to those involved in the innovation process. Monthly programs include discussions on the patenting process; obtaining seed money and venture capital; business plans; and image development. Telephone: (865)539-4466. Web site: www.uscni.com\tia

University of Tennessee Center for Industrial Services

Provides assistance to manufacturers and industrial companies with regard to plant layout and other problems in manufacturing. Telephone: (865) 974-3018

Knoxville Career Center

Serves as focal point for a wide range of services for employers and job seekers through an integrated system of employment, training and education resources. Located at 3929 Western Avenue, Knoxville, 37921. Telephone: (865) 522-8322

Patents, Copyrights

Irv Barrack, a lawyer specializing in patents and copyrights, is willing to do pro-bono work for SCORE/SBDC clients. His telephone number is (865) 483-5920 and his e-mail address is: ibarrack@aol.com