From the Tennessee Department of Employment Security

This handbooks covers: 

  • Applying for an Employer Account Number Liability  
  • Who are employees? 
  • Premium and taxes (Including the state premium rate tables) 
  • Wages (Including definition and what is included and what is excluded)  Experience rating (Including definition and how and when an employer qualifies for experience rating) 
  • Reimbursing employees 
  • Record keeping and audits 
  • Wage and premium reports 
  • Additional charges, penalties and enforcement 
  • Charging employer for benefits 
  • Separation notices 
  • Claims for benefits 
  • Appeal rights What disqualifies a claimant from benefits? 
  • Partial unemployment 
  • Posters required to be displayed by employers

You can obtain y our copy of the Handbook for Employers by: 

  • Telephoning the Knoxville office: (865) 594-6350 
  • FAXing the Knoxville office: (865) 594-5203 
  • Going to the office: 1515 Magnolia Avenue in Knoxville 
  • Writing to: TN Dept. of Labor and Workforce Enforcement P O Box 1311 Knoxville, TN 37901-1311 
  • Phoning the Nashville office:1-800-344-8337 
  • Click here to download a Adobe pdf copy from the State of Tennessee, Employer Services