UT offers three major programs to help meet the needs of nonprofit organizations:

Agency Vehicle Purchase Program

Provides the opportunity for public and private nonprofit organizations to provide transportation with vehicles purchased through an affordable financing plan. Features of the program include:
-Eligible transportation services include transporting persons to and from work, job training sites, work-trip related events; and other activities that meet the travel needs of those served by the organization.
-Vehicles are purchased by the UT Center for Transportation Research and assigned to participating organizations through simple purchase contracts.
-Vehicle financing is provided through affordable payment options that require no cash down payment. The vehicle contract cost must be paid in full within six years of the vehicle assignment date. When the loan is paid in full, the title of the vehicle is transferred to the participating organization.
-The participating organization must provide drivers, vehicle insurance, and maintenance.

Current fees for vehicles under the monthly payment plan are:
15-passenger van: total cost $25,000, with a fixed monthly payment of $348
8-passenger minivan: total cost $24,000, with a fixed monthly payment of $334

Employee Vanpool Lease Program

Provides vehicles, insurance, maintenance, and fleet management assistance to commuter groups who want to travel to and from work in a vanpool. A member of the commuter group volunteers to drive the van, collect monthly rider fares, and keep the vehicle properly serviced. In exchange, the driver may ride for free. An example of the monthly fare per rider calculated for a 70-mile round trip for 12 riders is $65.

Agency Vehicle Lease Program

Provides the opportunity for public and private organizations to provide transportation through an affordable vehicle leasing plan. Agencies that transport persons pay a Afixed cost plus mileage a fee. The lease costs include vehicle cost, maintenance, and fleet management expenses. Agencies must provide their own insurance.

Currently, the fees are:
15-passenger van: $450 fixed cost per month plus 104 per mile.
8-passenger minivan: $400 fixed cost per month plus 104 per mile

To obtain an application for any of these programs, call:
Tennessee Vans, (865) 974-5255 or Knoxville Regional Commuter Vans, (865) 974-7433


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Updated May 2006
George Hannye