Why Choose SCORE to Speak to Your Group?

Your group typically represents community leaders. These leaders have an interest and many times a direct contribution to local economic development. Some may actually be in business and most have some interaction with local small business. SCORE is a champion for small business. SCORE deals with the education, formation, growth and success of small business and nonprofit organizations in your community.


How Significant is Small Business?

Small business is the backbone of America's entrepreneurial spirit. According to the last census there are 95,258 small businesses in the 18 counties served by SCORE Greater Knoxville. In Knox County alone there are 34,672 small businesses.


What is the SCORE Greater Knoxville Speakers Bureau?

The SCORE Greater Knoxville Speakers Bureau is a collection of professional, experienced business executives available to speak at your business, civic or professional organization We have a group of over 20 speakers who are very flexible and can adjust their presentation and times to fit the needs of your organization.


What does SCORE Talk About at your Meeting?

We can provide an educational presentation on most issues of today's business environment. However, our main purpose is to provide your members information about our services, a vital resource for any of your members who own or manage a small business or have friends or associates in small business. The official government definition is somewhat varied but for a manufacturer is is a business with 500 employees or less. For many communities that is a "big" business.

Our secondary purpose in talking to your group is to present to your membership various volunteer opportunities as new SCORE members to give back to the community


News coverage of recent SCORE speaker.

SCORE member Monique Kennedy speaks at the Knoxville Entrepreneurial Women's Group on the benefits and format for business plans. Farragut Press coverage of the meeting night.


How do I request a speaker?

  • Please call our office at 865-692-0716 and ask for our Public Relations Committee Chairman to discuss your needs with him.
  • Send an e-mail to: speakers@scoreknox.org. Please put "Speakers Bureau request" in the subject line.