Creative Sports Images Scores with SCORE

Creative Sports Images, located in Knoxville TN, has manufactured and marketed sports related products for 30 different major universities, NASCAR, and golf since 1995. Unfortunately, the company had to cease operations, due to medical problems with the owner, Murray Earle. After a long hiatus, Murray was ready to resurrect the company, but was in need of funds. After working with SCORE he was able to get the funding to revive his dream.

Murray had learned of two sports merchandising companies in Nashville that were in trouble financially. He knew that purchasing their inventory would not only be a quick start to resuming operations, but to provide jobs to Tennesseans, as well. He mentioned his idea to his State Representative, Ryan Haynes. Ryan reviewed Murray's rather lengthy business plan and suggested he contact Ronald Wade , Enterprise Specialist of the East Tennessee Business Enterprise Resource Office. Mr. Wade told Murray about SCORE and that they would be able to help.

Murray soon got an appointment with Arthur Kareff of Greater Knoxville SCORE, and they discussed his business plan in detail. Arthur suggested he shorten and rework the plan and worked tirelessly with Murray to develop an impressive business plan and executive summary.

With the plan completed, it was time to search for funding. Murray again contacted Ronald Wade and told him that with SCORE's help, he had a rather impressive business plan and was now ready to take the next step. Mr. Wade suggested that Murray meet with Doug Minter of the Knoxville Chamber of Commerce. Murray did so, and Mr. Minter suggested several lending institutions.

After meeting with several banks, it was obvious that Jack Cornett and Randy Hall of Clayton Bank and Trust shared Murray's vision of the potential of success in the lucrative sports merchandising industry. Now Creative Sports Images had the funding to purchase the inventory of the two Nashville businesses, as well as the manufacture of samples of several product lines.

Soon thereafter, Creative Sports Images received a huge order from Party City to place products in 800 stores, as well as from several small local retailers. Murray's dream is quickly becoming a successful reality! Murray is grateful to all those who helped him realize his dream, but mostly he is thankful to Arthur Kareff of SCORE. Without Arthur's expertise and sincere interest, Creative Sports Images would not be where they are today. In short, Creative Sports Images scores with SCORE!