My successes. 

ICF structured the business to be a means for individuals who wanted to raise funds for non-profits and mission work. The volunteers with ICF do not receive compensation but instead receive a donation made to their organization in their honor. “It’s a great way to give back and share some really amazing stories”, says Lyschel Burket. “You get to see individuals working toward something they really believe in AND they get to tell people who are not part of their everyday circles about something much bigger than all of us.”

ICF’s first season was full of lessons learned and honestly, the couple hopes it’s always a learning process.  ICF finished their first season strong, not in the black BUT full of new growth and hope for the next season. “We knew the first season was going to be a time to work out the bugs for the boat and spread the word enough to have everyone waiting for us to come back next season," Garren Burket said. “I think it was mission accomplished.”

How SCORE helped. 

SCORE of Knoxville was there every step of the way for ICF in the early months of figuring things out from a practical budget, filing for licenses to sales tax figures. The free training and seminars helped teach them things they were lacking and expand on things that needed some brushing up on. Plus, there was a network of professionals that SCORE gave them access to that they would not have otherwise had.

IceCream Floats, LLC is looking forward to what the future holds for them and is even exploring the idea of franchising. Once again, they hope to lean on the expertise available through SCORE in order to enter into this next phase of growing a successful local business.