User Friendly Maps

User Friendly Maps creates interpretive graphics that are used as mapping solutions and greenway signage for clients such as municipal parks and recreation departments. President John Innes started his firm just before the economic crisis began in 2008, and soon his business had dwindled down to only one client. He realized he needed assistance to save and grow his business.

Working with SCORE counselor Dana Peterka he learned skills in negotiation, market segmentation, and pricing to grow his business. In 2010 he increased revenue by almost 25 percent. He now has clients in five states and recently was commissioned to create a mapping product for the Partners of Cherokee National Forest, which is his first foray into the retail market. The firm's featured product is a format which received two awards from the American Congress on Surveying and Mapping. With assistance from counselor Jerry Carlson, this format has been filed for patent-approval.

User Friendly Maps is now executing more contracts than ever, which has allowed Innes to add a geographic information contactor to the firm, and hire a full time bookkeeper. Innes intends to expand User Friendly Map's computer graphic business to include more internet and wireless mapping.

Innes credits SCORE "for many of the strides his company has made. My counselors have become highly valued assets, and maintain an objective and professional approach dealing with my company."

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